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CS02450-A PV Controller
Product Class


   Flexible configuration

In accordance with the actual situation of the customer, you can increase or decrease panels quantity and batteries capacity (increase battery using extranal way)

   Environmentally friendly

Use solar energy for charging

     LED display

Nice & Fasion. can Know the operation of the system at anytime




Solar Panel Input                                                                30V≤Voc≤49VIMPPT≤50A

Battery Voltage                                                                 24V(15V-28.8V) <15V Controller Not Work

Controller Output                                                              21V-28.8V  <50A

  AC (Need external inverter)

AC Output                                                                       AC 220V±1%50Hz±0.1%  <6A

AC Output Channels                                                         3 (<2A / Channel)   

AC Output Rated Power                                                  <1000W

Remote Control                                                                CDMA / GSM Short Message Service

Operating Temperature                                                     20℃~+50℃

Undervoltage Protection                                                   21V

Dimensions                                                                      245x220x102mm

Weight                                                                              2.1Kg


   Recommended Collocation                                                                  

Solar  Panel                                                                     190Wp

Quantity                                                                         6pcs                                                                     1140Wp

Panel  Connection                                                          in parallel

Bracket                                                                     Anodized aluminum alloy


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