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Materials Laboratory

To ensure the quality of all raw materials purchased, I specialized materials laboratory to conduct the testing and analysis of raw materials, including raw materials of the solar cells, TPT, EVA, etc..

Laser Cutting

For custom-made products, we use a laser cutting machine battery slice cut into desired size. This makes the solar cell to the power loss is reduced in this process.

Cell sorting

In the production of each batch of product before a battery slice will be based on the power file and color rigorous testing and sorting. This first-class unified appearance of finished components to ensure high efficiency.

EL test

In the production process, CETC SOLAR uses the the the EL test machine to test whether the component has cracked, Weld, broken gate, in order to ensure the final quality of the product.

Components laminated

Automatic laminating machine from the world famous mechanical plant procurement, ensure that the most important part of the production process is reliable and efficient.

Electrical performance test

Electrical performance test should be carried out every piece of CETC SOLAR PV module production in the hands of customers to packaging luck before. The test report is available upon request with the goods.

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