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       Cetesolar Co.,Ltd. is the one of Chinese most diversified & fastest growing solar energy products and solution company launched in 1981, and cooperated with  subsidiary of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation(CETC) who is a state-owned company and launched the solar business since1960.

Cetesolar is a Chinese premier multi-diverse technology group having its forte in multifarious verticals such as Solar Energy,Industrial Valves, Solar industrial equipents,Petroleum Equipment’s &Process Control Instrumentation.We have supplied the solar products for the Chinese Army,theSatellites,the Space station of China,etc.

Our 1.6GW solar cell and 600MW solar module bases is located in Jiaxin,Zhejiang and Changsha,Hunan,manufactures mono&poly crystalline Si PV modules from 3 to 400Wp. Our modules are certified by all major national & international accreditation bodies. Apart from being one of the most successful solar PV module manufacturers in

China,Cetesolar Co., Ltd. is on the forefront of developing newer solar products, solutions and services towards enabling our customers to gain the best returns on their investments.

Any correspondence with CETESOLAR is to be conducted via the followings:
Office: +86-731-87012835
Mobile/ WhatsApp:+86-18807419000

Skype:cetesolar Office:+86-73187012835